The Arc Browser

The Arc Browser - A Chromium-Based Browser That Doesn't Suck

Arc Browser and I have been going steady for a little over a year now - it was love at first sight. I received an early invitation to join the Arc club, and gawd damn, has it been a joyride! Prepare for a whirlwind tour of its bells and whistles. Buckle up!

Welcome Aboard the Arc Express

Once you hit download, you're in for a wild ride. The onboarding process is like being rocketed into cyberspace, but don't worry, there's no motion sickness here. I'm not giving away any spoilers, so hop on and experience the thrill yourself.

Just a heads up though - The Browser Company (opens in a new tab) insists you register an account. It's like that VIP pass to an exclusive club - a tad annoying but worth it for the syncing feature. You can even flaunt your own profile badge. Fancy, right?

Arc Profile

The Arc Profile - Your Key to the VIP Lounge

Tabs, Spaces, and Keyboard Magic

Arc's approach to tabs is like that eccentric artist - unconventional yet brilliant. By default, tabs sit on the left, as immovable as an old oak tree.

Your frequently visited sites hold the place of honor at the top, while pinned and regular tabs chill at the bottom. And here's the kicker - any tab you don't pin has a ticking clock. After a certain time, poof, it vanishes! Don't worry, you're the master of this clock in the settings.

Arc Tabs

The Arc Tabs - Where the Magic Happens!

Tabs live in Spaces, like families in a neighborhood. You can populate as many as you wish. It's like the browser version of "Go forth and multiply."

These Spaces come with customizable gradient colors - interior design at your fingertips. Rearrange them to your heart's content.

Arc Spaces

The Arc Spaces - Where Tabs Call Home!

The search bar is a suave spy feature (think macOS Spotlight), summoned by CMD + T and appearing in the center of your screen.

Arc Keyboard Shortcuts

Arc's Secret Keyboard Handshake

Split Screen: A Tale of Two Tabs

Arc offers a split screen feature that lets you multitask like a boss. It's like having two monitors in one, and you can adjust them however you wish (vertical and horizontal splits are the current rage).

The keyboard shortcut for this is customizable - a secret handshake only you know. Drag and drop tabs like you're DJing your own internet playlist.

Arc Split Screen

The Arc Split Screen - Two's Company!

The Air Traffic Controller of the Internet

In the settings, you can play air traffic controller, guiding each URL to its designated Space. Every URL follows your rules like well-behaved children.

Arc Air Traffic Control

Arc's Air Traffic Control - Directing the Web Traffic!

Say Cheese! The Capture Feature

Want to take a snapshot of a webpage? No problem! Arc lets you capture a screenshot of the entire page, a piece of it, or even a specific HTML element.

Arc Capture

The Arc Capture - A Perfect Picture Every Time!

Boost: Pimp My Site

Ever wonder why my HackerNews looks so snazzy? That's the work of Boost, the fairy godmother of Arc that lets you customize websites.

Choose your color theme, font size, family, capitalization, and more. You can inject your own CSS and JS magic potion, and share your masterpiece with others.

Arc Boost

Arc's Boost - Let Your Inner Picasso Shine!

Join the Party

Tempted to dip your toes in? Here's an invite link (only 5 golden tickets per week, so make haste): https://arc.net/gift/76fe8bb2 (opens in a new tab).

P.S. I wrote a rough outline had ChatGPT to refine it. Thanks, ChatGPT ;)